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The only reason it's friends only is because I like to know who's reading my journal. Feel free to friend me, I don't bite.

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There's a few more than 1,001. Taken from here.

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As you can see, I haven't done very well. Ah well. Time to see what Netflix has. Also, some of these movies I'm not sure I've seen all the way through, like Braveheart.


Mar. 3rd, 2012 03:07 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] apis_cerana at TEA!
Come join us at [ profile] ljteaswap --
We're a friendly, safe comm for swapping unique leaves with fellow tea aficionados. Once a month there will be a swap between members of the community and every once in awhile, there will be special themed swaps. :) If you have way too much tea and you'd like to give away some, or if you're just looking to try new teas, this is your comm!!

Auntie Em!

Mar. 1st, 2012 11:03 pm
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March came in like a lion. We were under a tornado warning around 1 a.m. this morning. No word of any actually touching down. I have an irrational fear of tornadoes. So I ended up staying up most of the night and texting my friend in England, who was like "Why the hell are you up?"

So yeah, it's the time of year when Mother Nature can't make up her mind because we'll have about seven inches of snow one day and then next day it's in the high sixties. I'm not kidding. Or we'll have said amount of snow and then two days later we have severe thunderstorms, wind and end up under a tornado watch.

I was successfully completed my February writing challenge which was to write at least 1k a day. There were a couple of days when I didn't quite make it, but there were also days when I wrote over 2k. Overall, I wrote 33.5k words. I'm going to try to carry that over into March. Today, I'm not doing well. I can't seem to get my head in the groove. I have an hour left and over 700 words to write. I think I can do it if no one bugs me and I find the right music.
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Originally posted by [ profile] donutsina6speed at This is kind of important so let's not skim this okay? Okay. I love you.
Subject: Women Deserve to Compete in the X Games

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to express my disappointment in your decision not to include women's BMX in this years X Games and it's with an even heavier heart that I contact you with the knowledge that you've also decided to pull the plug on both women's street and vert skating.

The numbers of women participating and becoming interested in action sports is growing ever day and I feel that the removal and overall exclusion of them is not only a slight to the dedicated and talented women who dedicate their lives to these sports, but also a step backwards from where action sports needs to be.

More young girls are turning to women like Cara Beth Burnside and Gretchen Bleiler and Ashley Fiolek as role models. Because of these amazing women who give everything to be the best in their sport, more young girls are becoming active in the extreme sports industry. Why are you, as the leader in sports broadcasting, limiting these young girls? Not only are you taking away the very few opportunities for women athletes to shine on television, you're effectively telling young girls that they do not matter in the world of action sports. Not only is that so far from the truth, it is absolutely unacceptable.

I write to you today because I do not believe in standing by and staying quiet. Action sports is growing because of the X Games and ESPN and it's time to end the era of these sports being Boy's Clubs. It's time for action sports to become a more inclusive environment. Girls and women train all year to be the absolute best, and all they are given is the scraps of air-time men don't want. And they are expected to be grateful for that, to smile for being an afterthought.

It's outlets like the X Games that need to be leading the charge in bringing women into the spotlight in these sports. The fact that not only do you not include certain events, but you pull them all together? That speaks volumes.

I plan on protesting X Games 17 because I feel that is the only way that you will listen to the voices of women who not only go out every day, boards and bikes in hand, but to the spectators who are begging you for more coverage, that are only met with silence. This is your chance, X Games and ESPN. This is your chance to change the way women are treated in the action sports world. You have the power and influence to lead by example and it's only a matter of time before we're all on the same page, before others will follow.


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Source: Good Housekeeping Favorite recipes: Vegetarian Meals

Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Serves 4

2 medium portobello mushrooms (about 4 ounces each), stems removed.
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 medium yellow peppers, thinly sliced.
1 jumbo sweet onion (1 pound) such as Vilalia or Walla Walla, thinly sliced. (I used a yellow onion, it worked out fine)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper.
2 tablespoon of water
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
4- 7inch pocketless pitas
8 oz part skim mozzarella cheese, shredded. (2 cups). I used a mozzarella/provolone blend because that's what we had in the fridge. Also, my family likes provolone.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Heat nonstick 12 inch skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Brush both sides of mushrooms using 1 tablespoon of oil. Add mushrooms to skillet and cook until tender and lightly browned, about 5 minutes on each side. Transfer mushrooms to a cutting board and cut into 1/4 inch think slices. Set aside. ( I put a the shrooms on a plate and kept them the stove to keep them warm. Not on a warm burner, but close to it.)

2. In the same skillet, heat remaining tablespoon of oil over medium heat until hot. Add yellow peppers, onions, salt, black pepper, and water; cook stirring frequently, until the vegetables are tender and golden, about 15 minutes. Stir in vinegar; remove skillet from heat. Gently stir in sliced portobellos.

3. Meanwhile,, place pitas on a large cookie sheet; sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Heat pitas until cheese is melted. About 5 minutes.

4. Roll each pita into a cone; tightly wrap bottom half with kitchen parchment of foil to help hold it's shape and prevent leakage. Fill pita comes with warm pita mixture. (We're not that fancy. We put the mixture on the pitas and then rolled them.)

Next time I need to make a double batch. There wasn't enough :)

Each sandwich: 460 calories, 24g protein, 52g carbohydrates. 18g total fat (7 saturated). 41mg of cholesterol, 1,060g sodium.
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 I did a small friends cut, mainly of people that don't post/I don't keep up with anymore. If you feel like you've been wrongly removed, let me know. I'll add you back. And I feel like I should add, that this isn't personal, so don't take it the wrong way. 

Again, if you feel like you've been wrongly removed. Say something. 


Sep. 2nd, 2010 07:46 pm
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I know none of you will (hopefully) do this, but please do not link my LJ to facebook. I'd like to be a little mysterious.
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Day 11: A song from your favorite band

"Give A Little"- Hanson

The band shouldn't shouldn't surprise anyone. I've been a fan since fifth grade. This is my favorites song from their newest album. It's hard to believe that all three are grown up, married and have children. Yes, even Taylor. He has four. :)

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 Day 09: A song you can dance to

"Come On Eileen"- Dexy Midnight Runners

This one of my favorite songs and it gets my toes tapping.  There's also a counter melody in the bridge, plus numerous key changes. There's a lot going on musically in this song. I like musically complex songs... just ignore the lyrics, they're dirty. This is also a song I can count on to raise my energy.

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Day 06: A song that reminds you of somewhere

"Lucky"- Colbie Caillet and Jason Mraz

Upon landing, KLM airlines would play this song. My mom and I would sit and listen to it, while we waited for the other passengers and the chaos to die down a little bit before getting our stuff and unboarding the plane. I link this song with my trip to Iran, and the relief of finally being able to get off the plane and stretch our legs. It's a sweet little song.  I'm sure not many people have a song that reminds them of an airline.

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Day 04: A song that makes you sad

"Evening Falls"- Enya

This song is about being away from home. My strongest memories of this song is traveling home from the beach. As a young child, I always felt that I was very different from the rest of my peers and a strong longing to go "home". I would often ask my mom to go "home". She'd say, "You are home." Those longings have disappeared for the most part.

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Day 03: A song that makes you happy:
gostea Din Tei"- O-Zone

I discovered this listening to Pandora one day. I had heard about the guy on the internet who had made this song famous, but had never heard the entire song. The beat of this song raises my spirits and makes me feel like dancing. I like the video because of both the animation and also because the group genuinely looks like they're having a good time. In some videos, I've noticed that the artist or group is all SRS BUSINESS about the video. These guys are dancing.

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02: Least favorite song: "Cruising" - Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis.

There is something about this song that just irks me. I find it to be incredibly obnoxious, and it's not the people who are singing it. Both individuals are very talented. I just.... when this comes on... I have to change the station and I don't care if the radio is across the room, I will dive. I know that's supposed to be a sensual duet, but it comes across really cheesy. I also hate when it gets stuck in my head.

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 stolen from [ profile] athenaltena 

Day One: Favorite Song:

This was a tough choice, but I decided on Celtic Thunder's "Steal Away".

I am in love with the harmonies within this song. I love the tension and the resolution of the voices, and the modulations (moving to another key) gives me chills. Plus the men in Celtic Thunder are very talented and the blend of their voices is incredible. 
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I think learning to tame plot bunnies and rabbit trails is a sign of growth as a writer.

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I give you facts about... Academic Dingbats

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Today, we are all Hokies.
-APRIL 16, 2007


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